Why are clients refusing to provide verification?

Whats with the increase of men not wanting to provide verification proving who they are?

Don’t you realize that my safety is the highest priority? You expect me to share my body with you and you won’t prove to me who you are?

You assume that filling out a booking form on my website is verification? Sadly your mistaken I have to burst your bubble. You can put anything on that form you like but you better be able to back it up with a pic of your id, piece of mail sent to your address, work verification, paystubs. Something that’s going to match the info you provided on the form. I don’t have the right to request additional info from you.

If your not willing to do these things then this isn’t a good match. I respectfully decline and I hope you find what your looking for.

Just because I’m a sex worker doesn’t mean I’ll do anything for any amount of money. I’m hardly desperate and we’re not in end times. Times aren’t that hard buddy. I’m more than an orfice I’m an experience.

I’m not for everyone and I’m okay with that.

Have a blessed day